2023 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know About

2023 is the year that anything goes - and we’re here for it!
People are embracing their own individual style and mixing and matching different elements from different trends. One thing we’re all happy about though, is that natural colours and textures won’t be going anywhere just yet!
To help us out with the trends of the year, we’ve teamed up with some of the most stylish and knowledgeable people we know to help you navigate the trends of 2023.

Modern Monochrome Interiors

Stephanie is all about modern monochrome; “I love having everything in our home completely monochrome and adding in touches of colour within decor and art”. 
She predicts minimalism for 2023 - “one thing I’ve already spotted is a lot of people are going for the minimalist look which I LOVE!”
One piece of advice I’d give everyone reading this is to get some decorative coffee table books. “Not only are they a staple piece, but they look super sleek and add some height for decoration purposes”. Think about adding a vase or cute decorative knot on top and you’re good to go.
To match Stephanie’s interior style, she has the Perla Black & White rug at home - “the monochrome colours suit our space perfectly and the wool adds a gorgeous texture!”

Coastal Interiors

Kate describes her interior style as a mix between modern & mediterranean coastal decor.
“I think rich colour palettes are going to be in this year - 2023 is the year of deep reds, browns and greens.” And we’re going to have to agree with Kate - some of the most gorgeous rooms we’ve seen lately are all about sage green and rich browns!
Kate’s advice to everyone this year is to bring in some curved furniture and/or decor to your home. “I am loving this trend - the curves just add an effortless calmness and cosiness to your space”. Adding in curves can be done with round furniture (think lounges or coffee tables) or smaller pieces such as vases.
With the perfect coastal vibes, Kate is loving our Astro Wool Rug - “I love the texture of this rug and the bright and airy feel it brings in to my home”

Contemporary with a pinch of Scandi

After 8 houses that have all been so different, Katrina says house number 9 will be filled with natural textures and colours.
“Personally, one of a kind pieces really makes a house a home”. Katrina suggests that unique art, and thrifted items are what 2023 is about. As well as adding texture to your decor; “this is easy to do with some soft furnishings and rugs” (if you know anything about us here, you know we loooove some texture!)
While we all love some white, all white interiors are out; “I think people will be embracing more colour and continue taking more risks”. 
“My current favourite rug is the Petrus Modern Wool Ash rug - gorgeous texture and a neutral colour that is timeless”.

Modern Australian Farmhouse

“My style is constantly transitioning as I tend to make style choices purely based on what I like”. Jackie’s words are ones that we can definitely all relate to! Rather than sticking to just one style, Jackie doesn’t like to be held back by a certain style or theme.

“I love my Australian art and am obsessed with recycled Australian timber furniture. My colours are anything earthy - rust, terracotta and eucalyptus green”.
Jackie predicts that 2023 will be about individuality and quirkiness rather than trying to achieve a cookie cutter ‘display home’ kind of vibe, as well as the return to adding colour to the home with bold wallpapers and statement prints.
When asked what everyone needs in their home in 2023, Jackie kept it simple; “I can’t decide between plants and great lighting - so I’ll mention both!”
Plants bring life and colour to a room, and there’s nothing more stunning than a lovely warm glow from a corner lamp or statement pendant.
I’m a little biased with my favourite Wild Yarn rug as I have it at home and I absolutely love it! The Dream Makay rug is super soft underfoot and I love the pattern. I get so many comments about our lounge since we’ve added the rug in.
January 17, 2023 — Zeynep Tahmazoglu