If you want to add a certain style and atmosphere to your room, nothing is more important than the choice of the right rug. By choosing a rug in your preferred colour or pattern, you can quickly make new combinations with other items or accessories that also fit into your style or colour scheme. Additionally, it should be noted that the size and shape of your rug are also very important. They lend our rooms a certain note of character, especially if they emphasise the interior space in an individual way. We have created this guide, which comprehensively covers all aspects related to choosing rugs
160 x 230cm 
160 x 230cm Rug | Wild Yarn
200 x 290cm Rug | Wild Yarn
240 x 330cm
240 x 330cm Rug | Wild Yarn
280 x 380cm
280 x 380cm Rug | Wild Yarn