Holiday Season is finally here! It’s my favourite time of year, and so much fun (and stress) decorating your home and preparing your Christmas Living Room for Christmas Day. I’ve put together some of my top tips to help you create the perfect Christmas vibe for your home so that you can celebrate the holiday season in style with your loved ones.

1. Fake a White Christmas

Christmas in Australia is never white, we’re lucky enough to be blessed with a warm summer Christmas, however, this can mean that we miss the beauty that we see everywhere that comes with a white Christmas. Don’t let this stop you from creating the prettiest white Christmas in your home! Frosted Christmas trees are easy to find and can elevate your home decor. Pair your snowy tree with gold Christmas decorations or white Christmas decorations and neutral toned baubles and accessories for a real luxurious look. A white rug like our Byron Ivory rug also adds to the glam!

Byron Ivory Wool Rug With Christmas DecorationsByron Ivory Rug

2. Keep it cozy and neutral

Scandi and minimalist design are where we could all draw some inspiration from this Christmas. A neutral palette can be decorated with a pop of colour, keep accents in line with Christmas colours - pair neutral palettes such as beige/cream, white and brown tones with red or green accents. Or keep your whole theme neutral and add textured accents like tinsel or glitter covered Christmas baubles - elegant but simple!

These Cone Tree lights from Adairs are one of my favourites at the moment!

Gold Champagne Christmas Decorations

3. Declutter before decorating

If you know me, you know my favourite saying - “less is more!” and when it comes to Christmas decorating, it’s not different. You may have hundreds of decorations but you don’t need to have them all out. Take what you have out of storage, plan your theme and then pick your decor accordingly. Take this time to also clear out any decorations that you know won’t be used again - any broken items, outdated items or things that you just don’t absolutely love anymore - get rid of them! Stick with the pieces that mean something to you, that have sentimental value and that are timeless - this way you can never go wrong!

I am currently loving these gnomes from Pillow Talk - timeless, neutral and elegant. They can be used time and time again and will not go out of style.

Gnome Christmas Decorations

4. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

Candles are classic and can add that extra bit of coziness to your home over the holidays. While artificial candles can work, there is nothing that compares to real candlelight (where safe to do so). Put out the candles you already own and add some extras, and make sure they’re all lit up! One of my Christmas favourites is the Glasshouse Night Before Christmas found here.

Glasshouse Night Before Christmas Candle


December 13, 2021 — Zeynep Tahmazoglu