A rug can transform your entire space. The beauty of a rug is that it can completely change up your home, from a bedroom rug, living room rug or dining room rug. From the right colours to the right textures, the rug can be your feature when you walk into the room or the piece that can help tie everything together. To help you with picking the perfect rug, we have put these tips together.

1. Take a look at the lights and shadows in your room

Each room is unique in its natural lighting and this can make a big difference in how the colours of your rug appear. If your room doesn’t get much or any natural light, you’ll want to avoid dark coloured rugs such as black rugs, charcoal rugs or navy blue rugs. They can make the space look darker and smaller. One the other hand, rooms with lots of light (natural or artificial!) have the luxury of darker coloured rugs as well as lighter coloured rugs such as beige rugs and cream rugs.

Perla Ada Navy Rug

2. What else is in the room?

Before buying your new rug, have a look at the colour scheme and the decor in your room. What other colours are in the room? The carpet, the tiles, the walls? Your furniture and artwork need to also be taken into account as they can change how your floor rug will look. Do you want to match your rug to your lounge or to your artwork? Or get a rug that's the complete opposite?

Thinking about all of these will help you decide whether you want a statement feature rug, or a simpler rug that helps tie everything together.

Origin Lily Cream Rug

3. Be true to yourself!

Your home is a reflection of you! Your interior decor should showcase homewares that you love and that represent you.
If you are someone who loves understated and simpler interiors, we recommend our Byron or Loren wool rugs - the perfect luxurious rug to help tie all the elements of your home together.  
If a feature rug is more your style, our multicolour rugs are perfect for this. Featuring all kinds of colours from pink rugs and blue rugs to boho rugs and traditional oriental rugs.

Madison Navy Traditional Rug

November 18, 2021 — Zeynep Tahmazoglu