Picking out the perfect size rug for your bedroom doesn’t need to be complicated (even though it can feel overwhelming!). Not only does a bedroom rug transform the way your bedroom looks, it also adds warmth and comfort to the space- who wants to step on a cold floor first thing in the morning when getting out of bed?! The right rug will help tie everything together and help define the space - especially in larger, open spaces. We put together these tips to help you find your perfect bedroom rug.

1. The Bigger the Better!

When it comes to bedroom rugs, the bigger the better! A small rug will make the space look smaller and can make the furniture in your room look too big for the space.

To find the perfect rug for your space, the best way to start is by measuring your bed. Ideally, you want around 30cm to 45cm on the sides of the bed so that you can stand on it when getting out of bed.

For example, the smallest rug for a King size bed would be the 240x330cm size whereas a queen size bed would need a 200x290cm sized rug as a minimum. The placement of the rug does depend on the size of your bedroom, you can place the rug at the head of the bed or start it halfway down so that you get lots of rug at the bottom of the bed - it is entirely up to you!

Pictured: Perla Ada Black & White Rug

2. Materials and Patterns are super important!

Texture is super important when it comes to bedrooms as you want as much warmth and comfort as possible. Bedrooms are low traffic areas and so any material works! Soft, plush shaggy rugs that would be too much for other rooms of your home are perfect for the bedroom. Luxe wool rugs that might not be able to withstand the heavy traffic in areas such as the living room or as dining room rugs, are also perfect in bedrooms!

Pictured: Byron Ivory Rug

When it comes to patterns - anything goes! Keep in mind that the bed will be covering up a lot of the rug so patterns may get lost - so anything with a medallion in the centre such as oriental rugs or Persian rugs, may lose it’s wow factor. 

3. Don’t let a budget stop you from finding the one!

If you know that you want a rug for your bedroom, but don’t have the budget to get a big rug, don’t stress! A runner rug can make just much of an impact. Place a runner on the sides of the bed or at the foot of the bed. They can even be layered on top of another rug for a chic, boho look.

Pictured: Hal Vintage Boho Taza White Rug

November 15, 2021 — Zeynep Tahmazoglu